My Friends Play Music VI - 10 shows to catch in August

Summer in NY like usual, has been hot and uncomfortable which prevents people from sticking around (myself included). I had the great pleasure of visiting the beautiful Bay Area as well as sizzling Los Angeles and sweaty Miami. Despite my sarcasm, all three cities were truly beautiful and I had some incredible experiences musically and otherwise at all 3. Anyways back to the topic! –

August is the month where folks return from far off places to once again share their music with the public. Here are 10 shows I’ve selected for this month’s series:

1.      .QP returns to Tomi Jazz – Continuing our monthly residency at Tomi Jazz, Jeremy Corren and I will be playing lots of new material as well as our favorite videogame and songbook standards tomorrow at a hip Japanese bar/restaurant. Our rep will be including Disney princess songs that I’ve been hearing on loop for quite a while now.

2.      On Friday 8/3 the jazz composers showcase returns to the Jazz Gallery for the 11th installment. The composers that are selected never fail to impress not to mention the band is filled with incredibly skilled musicians from around the city. My favorite thing about this showcase is that it consistently defies the stereotypical sound image of what a “jazz big band” sounds like in the minds of most.

3.      Also on Friday 8/3 Glassbath (who I’ve talked about before) returns to the stage at The Way Station in BK. Glassbath has some awesome music out that is unique, virtuosic and raging at the same time. Go check it out if you haven’t. The best way I’d describe them is “Avant-Jazz-Metal”

4.      MUTE is a quartet of fantastic musicians including Dayeon Seok and Kevin Sun both of whom I’ve either worked with or listened to extensively. They recently toured Asia and are now bringing it to us at the Jazz Gallery on 8/8. Definitely check it out.

5.      Gabriel Charkarji is a phenomenal pianist and composer who will be bringing his trio to Minton’s Playhouse featuring some special guests on 8/9. Gabriel and I went to school together but we became friends at the Banff summer jazz workshop exactly a year ago!

6.      Luca Soul Trio plays at Joe Solomon’s Studio on 8/12 featuring Elias Stemesedar and the legendary Billy Mintz on drums. Luca is an incredibly well-rounded musician whose ideas won’t cease to intrigue any audience.

7.      One of the most exciting multi bills I’ve seen is happening at Three’s Brewing on 8/14. I try to avoid putting double & triple bills on my posts but all the artists on this one are incredible. Joanna Sternberg starts off the night with a solo set. Joanna is an incredible part of the community who always brings light to the environment no matter how dark. You may have seen some of Joanna’s unforgettable hats and fliers floating around. KADAWA takes the second slot of the evening once again destroying everything in their path as a virtuosic rock/jazz/cinema/literature inspired trio that will blow your infinity gauntlet right off. Closing the evening is Gaya Feldheim Schorr singing the music of Connie Converse. Gaya is an incredibly talented singer/musician/photographer/curator who has contributed so much to this community in a short amount of time.

8.      Back at the Jazz Gallery – Brian Krock brings his big band to do an Album Release show!! The band roster looks monstrous and the music I’m sure will be no different. I actually met Brian at an earlier installment of the Jazz Composer’s showcase and since then I’ve grown to become a fan of his woodwind virtuosity as well as his musical voice. Definitely check this show out!

9.      Three friends of mine and arguably three of the most accomplished young jazz musicians in the city; Adam O’Farrill, Immanuel Wilkins and Joel Ross bring an afternoon of music to Tomkins square park in an event called “UNHEARD” as part of the Charlie Parker Jazz Festival. This concert is FREE and mid-day on a Sunday so unless there’s a hurricane or thunderstorm there’s really no excuse not to go.

10.   Another multi-band bill that I couldn’t not include.. (what’s with all the double negatives?!) Star the Moonlight, Michael Mayo and Aberdeen play the Knitting Factory in BK on 8/28. All these groups are killer. I’ve known Both Michael, Max (leader of STM) and Andrew (Keyboardist in STM) since I was in high school (shoutout to LACHSA). This will be the last thing I do in NY before I head to Japan for a while so come hang.