I'm very passionate about sharing my experience and thoughts with others. I believe so strongly that Music and Art are extremely effective ways of learning to both see new perspectives and get to know yourself. 

For younger students, it is important to keep things relatable and exciting. I use many of analogies that the student will understand and enjoy. I'm a proponent of visual learning so I'll often use imagery to explain a topic that may be inherently less visual for  the student. For students approaching or in their teenage years, I take a much more personal and emotional approach. It is important that my students are comfortable and relaxed because learning while tense or nervous is not only more difficult, but can lead to the development of bad habits, or in the worst case, an aversion to their instrument or music entirely. For older students, I tend to cater lessons entirely to what they wish to improve on rather than give my perspective on what they "should" or "shouldn't" to do. I've always disdained teachers that view themselves as "above" their students and I stand by that moral code above all else. The best way to inspire or help someone improve is through sharing relatable knowledge gained from experience. Sharing requires selflessness and there are simply too many teachers that try to force improvement upon their students. Imposing an overly strict, potentially unexciting regiment on a prospective musician is overwhelmingly unsuccessful. As a result, I will simply not take students that are being forced by their parents to do music.

I will always make time in my schedule to teach provided the student wishes to learn and that the student finds the lessons beneficial.