For Trees & Birds is a New York City based Indie Rock and Contemporary Jazz band that blends improvisation and rhythmic structure to create a "choir over groove" aesthetic. They are influenced by a wide range of artists such as Björk, Bill Frisell, Dirty Projectors, The second Miles Davis Quintet (1964-66), Radiohead, and the Bill Evans Trio (LaFaro & Motian). While the band’s sizable repertoire of original music (with a cover tossed in here or there) proves to be eclectic, For Trees & Birds is a group well rooted in jazz and alternative rock. They perform frequently in the New York City area, and have toured in California and Florida

The band features Jasper Dutz on woodwinds, Lee Meadvin on guitar, Chris Gaskell on bass and Connor Parks on drums.  

For more info visit the For Trees & Birds Website.